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Sally Layne

Sally Layne lives in Sevenoaks with her partner, her daughter and her cat. 

She is able to offer commissions for any budget and signed limited edition prints in varying sizes.


My first memory of holding a paintbrush was when I was around 8 years old. I used oil paint and loved it's creamy spreadable texture. I wanted to paint like the great Masters and tried to emulate their style. No one showed me how to do it and my young mind believed I had created a masterpiece.

I was so excited that I was able to create something so beautiful on what had began life as a blank canvas. The whole experience felt mysterious and magical.

The anticipation of creating a potentially great piece of work is what drives me to paint. I have learned the value of each and every stroke and there is excitement in the anticipation of how it will turn out. There are always disappointments as I apsire to create on canvas the vision that is in my head. The critical voice is ever present but also encourages me to push myself further.


I trained at The Royal Academy of Music and chose a career as a performer. I had been able to pick out tunes by ear from a very young age and I was equally drawn to music and dance after seeing my first musical in the West End of London at the age of 6. My sister was a talented dancer and I attended all her performances. 

So I chose the path of a performer and I sang and played the piano in beautiful venues all around the world from Spain to Scandinavia.  It was daunting at first and the days could feel long and isolated.

I spent hours visiting art galleries during the daytime when I wasn't performing. I never felt alone when I was surrounded by beautiful masterpieces. As with my music, I felt each piece told a story and I was able to absorb myself in the narrative.

It is not surprising to me that I am attracted to portraiture and figurative art. My work as a musician was so much more than 'the performance'. It was about the connection and communication with my audience.  

The glamour of Hollywood, Dance, Musicals, Theatre & Physical expression is the essence of imagination and escapism, Maybe this is why I am drawn to them? Whatever the art form, I aspire to tell  'the story' and hope that I am able to communicate it to others.

Every piece of art I create is done with care and consideration. I hope that through mutual discussion I may achieve the painting that you had hoped for. I offer a guarantee to my clients that if they are not happy with anything I produce, they do not have to purchase it.  This is my quality guarantee to you.

I want you to be thrilled with your art. What can be more personal and special than a gift of art?


Sally Layne Art

Portrait & Figurative Art Specialist
 Oil, Watercolour & Charcoal

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Kent based Artist. Commissions & Prints